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PDF "BPU" Overview

• Power Quality

• Harmonic Reduction

• Surge Suppression

• Phase Balancing

How it Functions

The patented {Auto-Sensing} technology Gen3 features a state-of-the-art control module transformer that monitors, stores and distributes the proper amount of electricity to each operating load within the operating system (building). Beyond amperage and voltage phase to phase balancing, THE BPU supplies TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Spike) protection and lightning protection to mitigate electrical disruptions. The SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and energy management functionality is complimented by the highest standard of activated harmonic filtration and controlled capacitors for improved power factor correction. THE BPU variable controller system has the unique ability to respond to changing loads indently. This capability allows for maximum reduction of typical system losses and provides an immediate level of electrical energy efficiency that can be measured instantaneously or in Kw (Demand) and Kwh (Kilowatt hour – Consumption) as recorded on the monthly utility billing statement.


Protects computers, electrical equipment and appliances from:
• Harmonic Reduction
• Surge Suppression
• Sags Mitigation
• Swells Mitigation
• In-Rush Current Limiting
• Phase Balancing
• Improves Power Factor if needed
-Different sized units accommodate different facilities requirements and Demands.

THE BPU is a twenty-first century solution to the comprehensive issues confronting all levels of electrical operating systems. As a universal answer to myriad of inherent electrical waste and inefficiency issues confronting business and residential customers alike, THE BPU system provides a multiple approach to improving power quality and quantifiable energy savings by improving overall system efficiency in your location.

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